12-year-old British-Born Nigerian Girl Designs An Amazing Cathedral Using Old Files, Cereal And Shoe Boxes


A 12 year old British born Nigerian girl,Princess Zina Glorie, achieved an innovative feat by singlehandedly building a mini cathedral.

Princess’s mother, Ijeoma, shared the post on her facebook page with this caption:

My 12 year old daughter was asked to design a cathedral for her Arts project. .. with no clue she started gathering garbage … (She forget she has a qualified Architect as a dad) She did most of the gathering and work…
When I saw her running around, gathering old files, foam , daddy’s roofing insulation, dirty things from the bin, cereal boxes and knicked my new shoe box. She literally went into my filling cabinet and removed that brown top for the cathedral roofing. Seriously, I thought it was a joke until I saw her finished work.

She gathered, chopped, sharpened, chipped, glued and finally messed up the whole house putting together this fine structure. Please see her finished Art Work …Welldone my Princess” Mrs Nweze wrote

The 12-year-old student revealed the inspiration behind her work of art.

In January, the whole of year 7 were given a project to come up with a design of a Saxon, Norman or Gothic Cathedral and were given 2 weeks to hand it in. I came home and discussed it with my parents who gave me a lot of support. My dad went off his way to show me where to get most of the materials I needed for my history project.”
Most night I worked with my dad until 10pm, in order to rest up for early school rise. I gathered so many materials, chopped, chipped and sharpened the wood, painted the blue shoe box to white, glued the paper windows and finally messed up the whole house. My hands were so sticky (from the glue) for 2 days. My hair had paints on it. I couldn’t take out my braids because I had agreed with my mum, that I’ll keep the braids for at least 6 weeks.”

With the right grooming, the Nweze might just a future tech expert on their hands.


The finished work.

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