49.0 Floyd Mayweather Has Really Retired!

Many hate him. Really hate him. Some love him. And others remain in awe of an undefeated, flamboyant, and consistent champion that leaves you wanting more (perhaps in the hopes that he might fall, just once).

But that is not how Floyd Mayweather ends his boxing tale.

At 49-0, the 38-year-old boxing champion is saying goodbye to boxing. Floyd Mayweather has really retired folks! So he says at least.

But is there a slight chance at 50-0?

After Mayweather dominated a younger opponent, Andre Berto this past Saturday, and announced that he has retired, many are wondering if it will last and if an uneventful (expected) win is the way the champ wants to go out for good.

“I don’t know another fighter that made it look so easy … I made it look so easy,” Mayweather said. “If I keep fighting … I gotta get up out of there.”

The World Boxing Council and World Boxing Assn. Champion has now matched late former-heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano’s record at retirement and tied Louis with his 26th world-title victory.

So maybe Mayweather has really retired.

Berto, his Saturday foe said,

“He’s just smart. Really smart…I got caught up, like everybody else, in trying to knock him out. Even when I was on the inside, he’d tie me up with his little tactics. You want to catch him and get him out of there. He’s too sharp…I haven’t been in there with Rocky Marciano, but to have that speed and timing, it’s unheard of.”

Although the Forbes List Richest Athlete admitted that people “are throwing money at me,” and that another “nine-figure” offer would be on the table if he chose to fight beyond his six-bout Showtime deal that expired with the triumph, he insists that he is OK.

And we agree since the man has made more money that anyone should need – close to $1 billion dollars in his boxing career alone!

Floyd Mayweather Sr. who is also his son’s trainer, says he’ll monitor Mayweather’s feelings toward the future, stating the importance of a decision sooner rather than later at a shot for 50-0.

“If you don’t want to fight, you better quit. Right then,” says the older Floyd. “When your mind is telling you, ‘I don’t want to do this no more,’ you better not … because if you continue to do it, you’re going to get hurt.”

Mayweather maintains retirement, claiming a motivation to develop young fighters within his Mayweather Promotions stable and to enjoy his life.


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