5 Unique Characters You’ll Find In A Nigerian Cinema

Nigerian Cinema


I went out last weekend to see a couple of new movies in the cinema in order to do a review for you guys, and something else entirely got my attention.

There are  5 unique characters that you will definitely find in every Nigerian movie theatre.

Whenever you visit a Nigerian cinema or probably any cinema in the world, expect to see this 5 specific characters.

Some are funny, others are awkward, and  some are just downright annoying.

The Questionnaire


These folks are the kind that will ask all sorts of question that are either related to the movie or not. You get questions like “abeg who be the actor” (who’s the actor), dem dey fight(are they fighting?). When it’s quite obvious that the characters in the movie are having a go at each other. These folks make the Nigerian Cinema experience less fun than it should be. The best way to avoid them is to act like you are deaf and dumb. Only then can you maintain your sanity

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