50 Cent Blasts Meekmill Over Feud With Drake


50 Cent takes a shot at Meek mill at his concert in Stockholm over the “Back to Back” diss song by Drake.

I mentioned it some days back that we might just start a 50 Cent VS everyone series, and it seems the rapper is working hard to ensure that comes to pass.

As he picked on Maybach Music rapper, Meek mill, at his concert in Stockholm, Sweden. The rapper while on stage took a break to analyze the back to back diss track by Drake aimed at Meek mill.


He told the crowd during a performance; “That ‘Back to Back’ sh!t was fire…that sh!t was hot…and the broke dude, the nigga that started the sh!t, he thought he was gone pick on Drake and got the sh!t slapped out of him.”


If you are not informed on the whole beef thing between Drake and Meek mill, I’m going to fill you in briefly. Meek mill went on a twitter rant about a month or two ago,where he accused Drake of making use of a ghostwriter.

50 Cent VS. Rick Ross Instagram Fued

The result was a “fire” diss track titled, “Back to Back,” from Drake. The track more or less took Meek mill to the cleaners even though Meekmill released a pretty “weak” response titled, “Wanna know.”

So although the dust as settled a little bit 50 Cent wasn’t going to let it go without having a say (I’m surprised he didn’t do this earlier though).


Honestly,  I think 50 Cent is always acting like a “big baby” when he gets hold of his social media accounts. However, this is one bashing that I’m in support of, given the way Meek mill attacks everyone without holding back.

While Mill is pretty much behind 50 Cent in ‘the chart of celebs that rant on social media,’ he is pretty close. So no one will feel sorry for Meek mill in anyway because if you can dish it out, then you should be able to take it.

Now we await the almost certain response from Meek mill (on his social media account of course). This will most likely lead to an unending ranting from two grown men. Who are now more famous for their social media rants than their music.

See the video below

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