50 Cent Vs Babymama, Shaniqua Tompkins

50 Cent Launches His SMS Audio Headphones

I mentioned some weeks back when 50 Cent got into an online fued with Vivica Fox. That we might have to start a 50 cent versus everyone series and it seems the rapper is trying hard to make that come to pass once again.

The rapper, who is arguably the king of social media controversies took to his instagram and his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins and son, Marquise Jackson, were his next target.

It’s obvious that 50 cent doesn’t have any boundaries because I believe no matter what goes on in your personal lives it shouldn’t out in the public (unless it is totally necessary). But in the 21st century and in the world of 50 cent, that’s no longer applicable.


The rapper posted a throwback picture of him and his son, with a caption. Implying that Shaniqua was instigating his son against him. 50we

This kid is gonna hate his mother when he realizes what she did to him. He has to make it on his own like I did. SMH GOODLUCK  !!! #GOUTDEDIAMANTS #EFFENVODKA” He wrote

The post got the attention of Shaniqua, who quickly replied with her own message on his page. Describing him as a bully, a liar and a bitter person, who just wants to get attention.


However, unlike 50 cent, who has since deleted all the subliminal posts from his page. His baby mama has threatened to reveal all his lies and secrets starting with the one in her post which says that 50 cent was only shot five times instead of nine as he claims.

Shaniqua's post

Shaniqua’s post

While It is quite obvious that 50 cent is still very hurt and angry with her for excluding him from their son’s life especially his graduation. Which made him look bad in the media. I don’t see how this will make the whole issue better.

Everyone knows he does things for the attention but for someone whose social media goof is about to cost him million of dollars in settlement. He should know better.

Even though I understand his pain because of the love lost between him and his son. This is definitely not the way to go.

By the way when last did 50 cent even release a hit record?

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