Don’t Compare Janet Jackson, Adele – Jimmy Jam

Janet Jackson

It’s a no brainer for producer, Jimmy Jam, when it comes to choosing who the bigger star is between Janet Jackson and Adele. The super producer believes it’s way too early to put the two singers in the same category.

Jimmy Jam was sandwiched by the paparazzi at the Staples Center, and he admitted that he has a lot of respect for Adele and the record breaking success of her new album, 25. He didn’t, however, waste words on who he thinks is better between the two singers.


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Janet Jackson just released her comeback album, Unbreakable and while it’s not doing as great as Adele’s 25, Jimmy Jam still believes the Jackson sister is still on top of her game.

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Number One

When the paparazzi asked what he thinks about Adele crushing Janet’s comeback album and Britney Spears’ records as best and fastest selling female solo artist, Jam said:

“I like Adele and think she has a powerful voice and every time music is selling, it’s a great thing and a success to my business.”

However, Jimmy didn’t hold anything back when he was asked if it was over for Janet, he replied, “Over? Are you kidding me? It’s just getting started.”
He went further to posit that album sales is not the benchmark for determining career success (I thought it was the criteria though).

“I don’t think it’s about sales. It’s about career. Let’s see if she can catch up with Janet’s career,” he answered. “Adele is what? 5 years now? Let’s see of she can catch up with Janet’s career… Janet has been on stage since she was a little girl with Michael and the brothers. I love Adele but c’mon let’s not compare.” he added.

Well, like I’ll always say, it’s hard to be objective when emotions are involved. But like Jimmy, I think it’s a little bit too early to start comparing Janet Jackson and Adele because it takes a lot to start relevant in the entertainment industry for 20 years.

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