Blacker The Berry: Viola Davis Covers Instyle Magazine In Style


Viola Davis takes the cover of Instyle magazine where she dishes out some intimate details about herself with a lovely cheeky smile to go with it.

I totally love how Viola Davis’s cover for Instyle magazine brings out her dark skin is such a beautiful and lovable manner for their January, 2016 issue.

Viola Davis is one of top black actors of 2015 with an incredible performance in the series, How to Get Away With Murder, which got her an historical Emmy award. The actress, who has also impressively kept her private life out of the media, shares some life lessons on self-awareness, motherhood, marriage, fashion, and more in her special feature.

Viola Davis Breaks “Black” Emmy Deadlock

Viola Davis revealed her awkward fashion sense and how she relaxes and spends time with her daughter:

“If I were to compare my style to Annalise Keating, I would say that I have absolutely no style. Annalise Keating is an Alexander McQueen, kinda Max Mara girl. That’s not me. I have a five year old, so…”

“We (I and my daughter) go into space. We explore different planets. This ship is in danger. We almost died at one point. We lost oxygen. I am addicted to spas. If we go to a hotel, we’ll be the only people in that spa for hours. We’ll start at 5 in the morning sometimes.”

She however saved the best for last as she opened up issues relating to self-awareness and the value of self-worth.

“What’s released me most from the fear of aging is self-awareness. I’ve never determined my value based on my looks or anything physical. I’ve been through a lot in life, and what has gotten me through is strength of character and faith.”

I love the fact that black entertainers are beginning to get the attention their craft deserves because it is really long overdue.

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