93 Days Movie Producers Hits Back At Mrs. Stella Ameyo Adedevoh’s Family Claims

Dr. Ameyo Stella Adedevoh

Following a “mild” controversy surrounding the upcoming release of the Ebola based movie, 93 Days the producers have finally cleared the air on recent allegations by family members of the late Stella Adadevoh.
The producers of the movie, in a statement, revealed that contrary to the claims of the Cardoso and Adedevoh family that they actually got their consent before embarking on the production of the movie.

The statement claims the movie seeks to tell the story of all those who contributed to the fight over the Ebola scourge which ravaged Nigeria in 2014, rather than focus on Mrs Ameyo Stella Adedevoh.

The statement reads

‎93 Days is not the biopic of any one individual and has never claimed to be the story of Doctor Stella Adadevoh. Whilst that in itself is a strong story, we found it more compelling to tell a story that celebrates many of the heroes of the fight against Ebola. 
‘These include the doctors, nurses and staff of First Consultant’s Hospital, the employees of the Lagos and Federal Ministries of Health, corporate and individual Nigerians who rose to the challenge of fighting the scourge as well as the WHO team that came in to help at the risk of personal injury and even death’, the statement continued.
We enlisted the help of the Adadevoh and Cardoso families from day one. They gave their comments on the script and their amendments were incorporated into the final script,’ the statement read in part. The producers further disclosed that the late Stella Adadevoh’s son also gave his consent to the making of the movie. 
Further, the late Stella Adadevoh’s son, Bankole Cardoso, consented to the making of the film and to being portrayed in the film’. ‘Not only did he consent, he was kind enough to provide us with information concerning his late mother’s actions during those trying times. 
The facts provided by him proved useful in the development of the script and we have his interview on film should anyone require further proof.‎

This statement calls to question the allegations made by the late doctor’s family and it’s obvious that their issues with the 93 Days movie producers is much more than they are letting on, if what the producers are saying is true.

It remains to be seen if the family will respond to this latest statement.

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