The Academy Implements New Changes For Diversity


In response to the boycott that was called “racist” by an Academy member, the governing board of the prestigious Oscar awards called an emergency meeting.

They have put a plan in place to phase out older and non-active (meaning they haven’t done anything but watch a movie in the last 10 years) members and infuse the board with younger and more diverse members.

Cheryl Boone Issacs, the Academy President said, “the Academy is going to lead, and not wait for the industry to catch up.”

The statement released will supplement the traditional membership process with a focus on adding minorities in particular women, African-Americans, and Latinos.

Sam Weisman an Academy member from the direction branch says, ‚ÄúThis is a way to get this off their plates in advance of the awards show.”

I don’t know if the statement or “action” will really make a difference. I do know that if black people stand together, especially black people in a position of power, influence, and with money, we can institute change.

What if we all pledged to no longer watch TV or I don’t know go to McDonald’s until they fixed the water problem in Flint, Michigan. (I know the TV and MickeyD’s don’t have a connection to Flint).

My point is if we stand together, unified, then we can make a difference and change things. I’m happy the Academy spoke out, but I’m also sad that the black community can’t come together like this on the most difficult issues facing our community.

My only question now is will the boycott still happen?

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