Adele’s ’25’ Set To Break US Album Sales Record


Record breaking British singer, Adele is on the verge of selling a million copies of her hit album 25 by Christmas Eve in the US for its third “non-consecutive” week. This means it could break yet another music industry record.

The historic milestone would be added to the album’s already stellar record after 25 became the only album to ever sell more than one million copies in multiple weeks. Selling 3.38 million copies in week one and 1.11 million copies within week two of its release.

Overall, that would make 25 the biggest-selling album released in the US since Adele’s last album, 21. 21 sold 11.37 million copies, after it was released in 2011.

Adele came back from her sabbatical stronger than she’s ever been with the song, “Hello”. The song is arguably the most “covered” song ever and has notched up more than 700 million views on Youtube already.

The British singer joked recently in her feature for Time magazine, that perhaps Americans love her sound because they think she’s related to the Queen as “Americans are obsessed with the royal family.”

The sales total for 25 for the week ending December 24 is scheduled to be announced on Sunday, December 27, 2015

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