African Designer To Design Special Air Max Inspired Art at Air Max Con


A Nigerian, Laolu Senbanjo, will be designing Nike’s new Airmax collection!

Nike made the announcement a few days ago that Laolu Senbanjo, whose art is greatly inspired by his African roots, will be creating an Air Max inspired art at the upcoming Air Max Con 2016.

The politically vocal visual artist Laolu Senbanjo draws inspiration from his Yoruba culture and world travels. At Air Max Con, he’ll be making art that incorporates his flair for Air Max, New York City, and sports.

In response to the news, Laolu declared: “I’m making my dreams a reality. This is my ayanmo ( which means for ‘destiny’ in Yoruba). Create your destiny. Let me be your inspiration. Just do it!”

Aside from this huge landmark, Laolu is known for his body art and his artistic clothing pieces from his jacket to his sneakers, most especially

Will you be rocking  Laolu’s “African” Air Max sneakers when it drops?

Check out other amazing designs by Laolu Senbanjo below:

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