“African King Of Comedy” Splurges Thousands At Strip Club


Children are starving in Africa, and America too, but we can’t tell African comedian actor, Michael Blackson AKA Royalty not to spend a lot of his money on exotic dancers.

The self-acclaimed African King of Comedy brought to life a new side of new money as he sprayed thousands of dollars in the air to dancing half-naked women at a strip club this past weekend.

The 42-year-old Ghanaian actor celebrated lavishly at V Live in Houston after her finished his eight sold-out shows at the Improv.

We assume that something about making more money past your wildest dreams just makes people a little wild.


It was reported that the African comedian spent $14,000 dollars on the strippers alone! (Like what?) Seeing ladies twerk with barely any clothes on must do it it for his wallet.

Even TMZ joked about how absurd the amount was by stating,

“his (Blackson’s) weekend adventure at a strip club looked like an awesome lost scene from Coming To America,” 

Adding that, “the Prince of Zamunda would be proud.”

We doubt that Blackson’s starving countrymen and their children would find the jokes too funny back in Africa.

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