Africans Don’t Care About Africa. Why Should The World Care?


So we just lost another 22 people in the Northern part of Nigeria and it’s like nothing even happened because both the international and local media in Nigeria are not even covering the story. Because it’s a norm for things like this to happen in Africa.

This is a sharp contrast to the fact that similar incidents in Paris and Brussels are still being given full attention by the likes of CNN. And it begs the question, Are the lives of Africans and other groups in the world less important?. Why is that the media and social media platforms pay less attention to things like this when it happens in this part of the world?.

In Nigeria for instance, even the local media barely cover incidents like this because it’s now seen as a norm and who really cares about a bunch of Northerners that kill themselves?. It was pretty much the same on social as while the #hashtag #Brussels trended for days in Nigeria. Borno or #prayforNigeria only trended for a couple of hours before it was overtaken by “important things”.

So why do you we want the world to take us serious when we don’t even take ourselves seriously?. The value of human life is so cheap around this part that folks can calmly walk past a dead body on the street without bating an eyelid. So why would the world help us tell our own story when we don’t even care about it.

A day after another 22 people died in the North, it was life as usual for people in Lagos. Because it’s “none of our business”. But would the same happen in the Western world?.

This is the reason why sit-tight politicians still bleed the nation dry because majority of the people don’t care about what goes on in the corridors of power.

This is why Africa is still struggling in the midst of plenty.

This is why a nation that is blessed with numerous natural and human resources still struggle to provide PMS for its citizens.

This is the reason why the government will rather protect foreign interest rather than that of their citizen.

While I understand the reason why celebrities like Wale and AKA have rightly called out international media for not properly reporting terrorist incidents in Africa and other places in the world. That are not regarded as mainstream. We Africans need to start taking ourselves more seriously because an injury to one is an injury to all.

I do understand and agree with the fact that international media are not doing enough to report news worthy (negative and postive) things about Africa. But even though we (Africans) are trying to project Africa in a positive light. We need to tell ourselves the hard truth (the number of casualties is even reduced to make the case look smaller). Instead of trying to conceal the fact that everything is okay and settling for mediocre service our government give to us.

Africans, please stand up for Africans and then we’ll be too strong for the world to ignore us.

So no matter how busy you get do take a time to #PrayforNigeria #PrayforBrussels, #PrayforPakistan and #PrayforTheWorld

This article was written By #EAO, a writer from Lagos, Nigeria.


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