Africans Need To Tell Their Own Stories – Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan


Kunle Afolayan advocates that Africans tell their own stories in order to protect the rich cultural heritage and history of the continent.

Kunle Afolayan is one of the few movie makers, who projects the African culture regardless of the kind of story he works on. This has earned him an admirable place in Nollywood and Africa as a whole.

The actor and producer, in a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, revealed that he makes a conscious effort to project African culture and ensures that his movies are told the African way.

Kunle Afolayan rounds up shoot for movie, CEO

Kunle Afolayan rightly pointed out that there is the need to start preserving records of African works of art and history through our creative works, so future generations will get a chance to know their history, culture, and languages.

He explained that he wasn’t just about the talking the talk, but was deliberately working to make this happen through his movies:

“Well, it is deliberate, that is who I am because I can’t sell the British, American, Greek or Italian culture. I can only sell what I know and what I am part of so that when questions are being raised, I will be able to defend and justify my work.”
“It is more of being proud of who you are, and that is what I do and for posterity and the sake of the unborn children. We need to start documenting all of these things because to a large extent the culture is fading; children are not speaking our languages anymore.”

Kunle Afolayan is spot on because when a movie like Gods of Egypt that is supposed to be set in Africa is dominated by an all white cast; it shows we have a big problem (which has always been there anyways). It’s high time we start telling our own stories or “others” will do so in a distorted manner.

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