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Do you love to watch African Dramas? You can now stream online or on your mobile device via WURA.TV!

With original African shows & TV series, WURA is betting on creating a more diverse pool of video content by serving cultural titles like never before.

So move over Hulu and Netflix.


Traditional cable channels have battled endlessly to win the upper hand in diversity portrayal or representation. But non have successfully catered to cultural audience or Africans here int the west.

Offering a new level of cinema for only $4.99/month, WURA introduces Indie African shows, Urban films, and cultural documentaries that presents the perfect melting pot for everyone with an hint of curiosity or familiarity.

WURA is currently available on the latest Android phones and tablet, and it is also available on all IOS devices. With a monthly subscription, You will have unlimited access to some of the most amazing African cinemas.

Some key features included are:

  • Stream/Watch as many titles as you like, anytime anywhere.
  • All your favorite categories – Drama, Comedy, Romance and more.
  • Subscription starts at only $4.99 per month.
  • Watch online, on your TV or on any android or ios devices.
  • Signing up is easy. And the first month is absolutely free to try.

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