Amber Rose Defends Kim K’s Nude Photo, “Why The Double Standard?”

amber rose and kim k wura

Amber Rose doesn’t seem to understand why a mom would strip naked and get bashed and guys wouldn’t go through the same scrutiny.

Amber Rose reflected on this “double standard” in an interview ABC, while defending Kim Kardashian over her now famous nude photo.

I thought she looked beautiful,” Amber Rose said. “I’m a mom. I know how hard it is to, like, work out and try to get your body back but at the same time, embracing the fact that your body does change after you have a baby. After carrying a baby, I just think it’s really cool and I’ve seen that she’s been getting a lot of [flack] for it and I didn’t think it was fair.”

If any sexy guy posted a nude picture with a little black strip over his private areas, everybody would be like, ‘Damn, he is hot, he’s sexy, look at that body. Oh, he’s a dad too?’” Rose continued. “It’s just a double standard.

She then reiterated the fact that she and Kim are actually closer than people think and support each other.

People think me and Kim are arch enemies and we’re not. We literally text each other all the time. We’re very, like, positive towards each other.”

Kim has not responded to Amber’s solidarity move but she sure needs some backing. Because the response she got from celebs is far from what she would have expected.

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