America We Are Disappointed In You, Nigerian Writes On Donald Trump’s Rise In The Polls

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When Donald Trump indicated his interest to run for president I for one thought he was just trying to drum up publicity for another reality show he had coming. And my belief was strengthened by the crazy and insensitive statements that trailed his campaign and the serious backlash that followed.

But guess who won 7 states in “Super Tuesday”? The one and only Donald Trump!.

This is the same man that has openly called for the building of walls so immigrants from Mexico won’t be able to gain access to America.

This is the same man that said he has openly kicked against the acceptance of refugees. Who are currently trying to escape the menace of Isis in the Middle East.

This is the same man who has refused to denounce the racist group, KKK, whose leader has thrown his weight behind his campaign.

I could go on and on when it comes to pointing out Donald Trump’s atrocities and hate speeches during his campaign. But he is still leading the Republican primaries and he is most likely the candidate that he will emerge as the Republic candidate in the presidential elections.

The world all over looks up to American as the land of the free and the home of the brave. But Donald Trump’s rise in the pulls shows America has derailed from its role as a world leader to a nation that is guided by fear, prejudice and racial discrimination. Because if the reverse was the case Trump would have dropped out of the polls by now. But he is still on top because he represents and says the things a lot of “Americans” stand for but are afraid to talk about in public.

Trump has promised to American great and from all indication he is going to make American again. By bringing back racism to the front burner (not like it was ever gone), throw America into needless war in search of things that never existed, Make American an Island unto itself and turn the White House into a charade.

Hey! Great can be measured in different ways right?.

As the World looks on, the one thing that comes to mind is the fact that the great America. We look up to and admire is not the Idol it is painted to be and if Trump is not dumped. America will never be the same again.

Every great nation in the past has fallen because of one error that wasn’t nipped in the bud and the same might befall the Great America if “y’all don’t put a stop to this madness!.

#EAO is a writer from Lagos, Nigeria.

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