American Displays Ignorance, Asks Zimbabwean “How Africans Live With Lions and Giraffes”


The ignorance and misconception of some folks in the international committee about Africa are quite appalling, especially at a time. When we have technology and information at the tip of our fingers.

This ignorance was brought to the fore again by Zimbabwean human rights lawyer & General Secretary, World YWCA, Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda. Who revealed on her facebook page the incredible ignorance displayed by an American at her hotel. She wrote

“Okay, I was taken aback and am kind of angry and sad at ignorance, but more so at the perception of Africa. I was collecting my keys at the hotel reception and this guys said, aaah, you are from Africa, from Zimbabwe right? I said yes. He was holding my passport. Then he went on to say with true conviction “wow, how do you live with giraffes and the lions? Are you not afraid to just kind of wake up and see a lion staring at you?” I looked at him, and said no am not afraid. we are all part of nature. I am still nursing some sad feeling about how many people in this United States of America do not really know about Africa and have warped ideas. Or its maybe only this single guy. Ummm”

Common! Just the use internet and stop displaying your incredible ignorance.

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