Beyonce To Debut Topshop Athletic Line


Goodbye, Dereon. Hello, Beyonce Topshop.

Mrs. Beyonce Carter is known for her fashion statements on and off the stage. Now that her first (and only) fashion line, Dereon is long gone behind her, Mrs. Carter is ready for a new fashion stage with British owned Topshop.

A year ago, the popular British fashion retailer announced their 50-50 partnership with Queen Bey. We waited for it, and now it’s here. Well very close here at least.

According to a  UK report, Queen Bey’s “athleisure” brand will be called Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. Items are expected to hit stores in April of 2016.

When asked about the partnership with the iconic singer, Topshop maintains that the project is intending to focus more on the individual brands of everyone affiliated and growing the business as well.

This not a collaboration,” said Topshop executive Sir Phillip Green last October. “This is about building a brand and building a business – a separate, proper business, with separate overheads and a separate office.”

Although the launch was originally scheduled for this fall, things were pushed back to ensure that “technical aspects of the clothing” were fully tested. (whatever that means)

All we know is that we are a few months away from the line launching and we are quite interested in what Queen Bey and Topshop has in store.

The line will include clothing, footwear and other accessories that will be separated into dance, fitness and sports categories.

The brand’s items will also be released in 25 countries—including the United States, Canada and Australia.

I could not think of a better partner… I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking,” said Beyoncé. “Working with its development team to create and produce a technical and fashion-led collection is exciting, and I’m looking forward to participating in all aspects of this partnership.” (What is this ‘technical’ we keep hearing about?)

Guess we’ll find out in April.

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