Beyonce Ugly Sweater Brings Out The Christmas Spirit

Beyonce Ugly Sweaters Feature

Beyonce Ugly Sweaters seem like they might even be cute for the first lady of hip-hop, but no. Some things are universally ugly.

Ugly sweaters are a Christmas tradition that was fueled by consumerism. Once sweater companies realized there was absolutely no way to make red, green, and a fat man with a beard look sexy they went the opposite direction. Why not make ugly sweaters cool?

Now, ugly sweaters are a trend that everyone is into not just celebrities. I can recall my family sent out a Christmas card where we all wore matching hideous red ones. I think we burned them after the picture. And if we didn’t, that might be an event I plan for this year.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that celebrities are making what is ‘uncool,’ cool. Even the rich and famous have moms who want to make them look awful in pictures. I totally plan on doing it to my kids.

Beyonce took ever single Christmas related thing and packed it together in one “outfit.” She has stockings, ornaments, tinsel, trees, santa paraphernalia, mistletoe, and more. Queen Bey I love ya, but you are looking a hot mess!

Apparently, the “Flawless” singer was on her way to her office party.¬†Wait, Beyonce has an office? And where, so we can move ours…

The best part about it is that she is willing to embrace all of the ugliness of Christmas and sweaters without any of the shame. So, if Beyonce can do it just for giggles, I’m sure we can all suck it up for our Moms.

That being said Beyonce’s ugly sweater is the best ugly sweater of all time. She still looks amazing as always.

See some more pics from her outfit below:

Beyonce Ugly Sweaters

Beyonce Ugly Sweater

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