Big Time Goof! Google Confuse Kevin Hart With Bill Cosby

kevin hart and bill cosby wura
One of the most valuable brand in the world, Google, big time goof came to light yesterday. When it emerged that they mixed up photos of Bill Cosby and Kevin Hart.


Apparently Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby are one and the same. Because when users searched for Bill Cosby’s Networth. It popped up with Kevin Hart’s photo as the profile picture.

The error page before it was fixed. Wura

The error page before it was fixed.

The goof got Kevin Hart’s attention who swiftly and respectfully asked the brand to correct the costly error. Because it’s bad business for anyone to be associated with Bill Cosby, who is being accused of multiple rapes. Regardless of the fact he is worth $600 million.

Heads will probably not roll for this error but Google will live with this goof for a pretty long time. But how do you compare Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby? Really?.

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