Black Business Leaders

Black Business Leaders Laysha Ward

As part of our campaign for #DefeatTheStereotype, we want to highlight black business leaders and moguls who have earned their money outside of entertainment and sports. No disrespect to the hustle, but there is something about black business leaders that make their money in the office not the studio, set, or field (or court).

Inspiration comes in many forms, but everybody knows that most kids are not growing up to be Lebron James or Beyonce. It’s possible (maybe) for one kid, but for everyone else… you gotta go get a job. So here’s some icons and “celebs” you may not know who have careers that you can aspire to and actually attain.

Rosalind Brewer

Black Business Leaders Rosalind Brewer

Brewer is the president & CEO of Sam’s Club a division of Walmart stores, inc. Sam’s Club is probably the east coast counterpart to Costco. Not that Costco really has a counterpart. Brewer rose through the ranks and now is the major player at Sam’s.

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