Black Lives Matter Activist Bloodies At Trump’s Rally (Video)


Donald Trump‘s rally is getting more violent everyday and yet another African American demonstrator at his rally in St. Louis, Missouri was violently attacked by his supporters.

The victim, Anthony Cage, has been reportedly fighting against police violence and racism since the 2014 Ferguson killing of unarmed black teen, Michael Brown. And in the pictures and video from the incident, Cage is seen with his hands bound by plastic ties and it appears that he is being taken to an ambulance by St. Louis police officers.

According to the Daily News, before he was attacked, Cage was using a megaphone, and kept repeatedly screaming out “Trump is a racist, Trump is a Racist.” He was then reportedly punched in the face by a Trump supporter.

Others who attended the rally say that racial tensions were high, and that many Trump supporters were screaming profanities and hateful words at protesters.

Others say that while Trump speaking during the rally, he was constantly interrupted by demonstrators, and he eventually yelled to “get them out.” He also reportedly said that it was a shame that protesters had to be treated “gently” by the police.

Cases like this are absurd and it’s high time stringent actions are taken to stop people from getting hurt.

Watch the shocking clip below;

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