Black Lives Matter Activist, DeRay McKesson Is Running For Mayor

deray mckesson wura

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson will be running for the office of the mayor of Baltimore.

DeRay has made headlines over the past year for his community leadership while advocating for racial justice across the country, and he has decided to take his protest a little further by filing his intention to run for Mayor at 9pm last night.

DeRay Mckesson has a strong social media presence and has met with top White House officials and presidential candidates in recent months to discuss civil rights. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even called him a “social media emperor.”

He is the 13th and final candidate to jump into the primary race and he will squaring up against the likes of former Mayor Sheila Dixon, state Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, City Councilmen Carl Stokes, Nick J. Mosby, lawyer Elizabeth Embry, and businessman David L. Warnock. The current Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, has declined to run for re-election.

It’s great to see people like DeRay McKesson running for political office. Because it’s high time we started working the work and not just talking the talk.

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