Black Lives Matter Protest Against James Pate’s Comparison Of KKK and Black on Black Crime

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Black Lives Matter activists in Tennessee planning are planning a protest over James Pate’s artwork. Which seem to suggest that Black on Black crime is detrimental to the African American community as KKK!.

Black Lives Matter will hold a protest outside the Civil Rights Museum on Thursday at 6 p.m., the same time artist James Pate will be doing a meet-and-greet with those viewing the exhibit inside the museum.

Pate’s charcoal drawings portray young black men donning KKK hoods or committing acts of gun violence. Cincinnati native Pate, who is black, has said that his work was inspired by conversations he’d had in his own community, in which people had pointed out similarities between gang violence and the KKK’s racist brand of violence.

BLM activists released this report to back up its protest. It reads

Comparing ‘black on black’ crime to the KKK, a domestic terrorist organization, is morally and intellectually dishonest and has nothing to do with the history of the Black freedom struggle that is showcased in the National Civil Rights Museum. To equate the KKK to a group of people who have been enslaved, segregated, and degraded into second-class citizenship is callous and outright offensive. Moreover, this exhibit fails to address the root causes of crimes in predominately Black neighborhoods, which is that crime is a reaction to a lack of resources.”

Watch James Pate explain the reasons behind his artworks below;

You think BLM are right to protest against this?

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