Black Parents Adopt Home Schooling Because Of Institutionalized Racism


A study by The Atlantic shows that we’ll over 220,000 black children are being home schooled because of institutional racism.

The trend is rising due to the fact that black parents are trying to avoid the incessant racism their kids face in school. A mom, Vanessa Robinson, revealed that decided to take her kid out of public school. Because the school’s management’s response to her kid’s taunters over her skin colour was “kids will be kids and then her kid, Marvell, was placed scrutiny and not his aggressors. That’s when she took things into her hands and has started home schooling him on her own.

This is the same with other black parents and the relegation of African-American studies has not helped either. As schools tend to focus on just slavery and end with the civil rights movement, where as African American history runs much broader than that.

Home schooling seem to be the best option because although it takes away kid will get from associate with other kids. It will also give them the right kind of education and more confidence to deal with their peers.

But is the best way to deal with this?.

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