Black Women Sue After Being Kicked Off Napa Wine Train

Napa wine train kicks off black women book club. Napa wine train lawsuit

#LaughingWhileBlack is the hashtag supporting a group of book clubbers who were kicked off a train allegedly for simply being black.

Racial politics is terrible in America right now. George Zimmerman tweeted pictures of Trayvon Martin’s body over the weekend and that certainly didn’t help. Ben Carson recently said that Obama’s election worsened race relations. I think it just brought the ugliness into the light.

The Sistahs on the Reading Edge book club were kicked off of a Napa Wine Train allegedly for being too loud. Whether or not their “too loudness” warranted a dismissal, is for the lawyers.  This incident does enhance the stereotype of blacks being loud and uncouth individuals.

The Napa Wine Train CEO has already issued an apology to the book club. Additionally, he offered them a complimentary ride in a private car that could fit up to forty people. However, the book club is asking for a settlement of 11 million dollars. I need a company to be racist to me, so I can sue them.

The outcome of the lawsuit is currently unclear, but the bad publicity won’t help the company. 11 million dollars is a high price for prejudicial or racial bias. After this maybe more people will opt not to act that way.

This lawsuit could set a precedence for future noise complaints and racial bias incidents in public spaces. It seems crazy that a court of law can determine how loud or quiet warrants a payout of 11 million. The Napa Wine Train employee probably wishes he had just put up with some noise, regardless of the volume.

#Laughingwhileback is a popular twitter hashtag and if you ever suffered a side eye or a nasty look because you were simply having fun with your girls then you have something in common with these women.

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