British Actress Accuse Idris Elba Of Trying To “get down and dirty” With Her


British actress Elle Bretagne has spilled the beans on a the “time” actor Idris Elba tried to get down and dirty with her after an Awards ceremony.

According to Elle Bretagne on the night of this year’s British Film Awards. “[He was] incredibly flirty and was making it clear he wanted something more than hugs,” the First Gates actress claimed, adding, “He asked if he could come with me and tuck me in, I said only if he behaved.”

“He followed me into the bedroom and started to strip to his boxers. He had a great body but if I’m honest I didn’t really fancy him,” Bretagne continued, explaining that the actor later attempted to take off his socks and feel her 40j breasts, but they eventually fell asleep and nothing happened. By morning, Elba left and never contacted her again, even after she sent him a message.

Idris Elba is yet to respond to her claim while some folks think she is just doing it for the attention. What’s your take on this?. See reactions from readers on the Dailymail below



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