Brymo Wants To Be Nigeria’s President


Top Nigerian Afro-soul singer, Brymo, has got a very big ambition. The singer revealed this weekend that he has “high” hopes of becoming Nigeria’s President sometime in the future.

The singer said in an interview with Nigerian online entertainment magazine, NET, that he has dreams of being the president of the West African country in future.

I have aspirations to become Nigerian president because I know I have a lot to offer.”

However, Brymo explained that at the moment his only obstacle is his lack of a university degree. But stated that he is looking to get back to school as soon as he can.

The singer was a student of Zoology at the Lagos State University, Nigeria. He dropped out in his first year to concentrate on his musical career.

In 2004, Brymo, who was involved in a lengthy legal battle with his former record label, Chocolate City, was included in the curriculum at the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. This happened when some communication studies undergraduatse chose to study him as part of their project.

The students were working on a project on ‘Speech Communication 101’ and used Brymo as a case study. They presented a paper on his hit track ‘Down’.

Brymo visited the University in the same year to meet with the students and it’s administrators in order to go over their projects. He described as one of the proudest moments of his life thus far.

Brymo also welcomed a son this year with his girlfriend, Ese. If his Presidential plans are as good as his music, then he will definitely give other politicians a run for their money.

Let’s just hope Brymo is ready to work the work and not just talk the talk.


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