Cassper Nyovest Wants To Be Treated Like Beyonce

Cassper Nyovest Wura

It obvious that South Africa’s hottest rapper, Cassper Nyovest’s ego is bigger than Mt. Everest as he now wants to be treated like Beyonce.

The rapper was a guest of Metro FM in South Africa, where he lamented that South Africans don’t appreciate him as they should and that radio stations are not playing his hit songs enough.

“I just put out 20 songs. I don’t have one song that’s playing on radio. We’ve been trying to submit for almost three weeks now for a new song on radio. They don’t play my stuff on radio, man,” Cassper said

“For me, after doing the Dome, I need to be treated like Beyoncé in my country. Like the radio is supposed to play me like Beyoncé, you know what I’m saying? And I need it,” he added.

Cassper Nyovest went further to say that he thinks there is a vendetta against him which might be connected to the fact that he doesn’t hang out with local radio DJs.

“There’s a personal vendetta against me, and I hear about it a lot. Apparently DJs say I’m too big now, I don’t greet them or they don’t see me around. People want me to chill with them and I’m busy,”

It’s not hard to see why radio stations are not playing his songs because no one likes someone w thinks they are entitled to one thing or the other.

Everyone knows Cassper Nyovest is a great artiste, but he really needs to check his attitude so he won’t self destruct. He is even lucky that fans of Queen Bee have not gotten wind of his eagerness to be treated like their Queen because that won’t be funny ( we all know how they can be).

So, Cassper Nyovest, slow your roll, take things one step at a time, talk less, and try to be cool with your peers because that’s the smartest thing to do.

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