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Meet The African Kid Who Makes Electric Cars

A 13-year-old Somalian kid is a mechanical genius whose innovations is beginning to catch the attention of the world. Guled Adan Abdi passion for making electronic toys has made him famous in his country and earned him a scholarship to study. The ambitious inventor,

South African Man Builds Own Sports Car

South African, Moses Ngobeni has achieved a childhood dream of making a car, a Red two-seater monster powered by a BMW 318is engine that comes  with remote-controlled ignition, airbags, aerodynamics, 250km/h top speed and has had Ngobeni put in three years of hard work

Amazing Black Entrepreneurs

  Entrepreneur-ship is the way of the future. It’s how Facebook, Youtube, and so many of the leading technologies and products are being built today. Black History month definitely celebrates the past, but we at WURA are celebrating the future. So, move over Zuckerberg,