Celebrities Read Hotline Bling

Celebrities read hotline bling the scene

Celebrities read Hotline Bling. (It’s funnier than you think)

Drake’s epic viral hit “Hotline Bling” is in the news again!

Celebrities took it upon themselves to do an actor reading of the dance sensation hit.  While the song itself has been parodied in a variety of ways, it has yet to experience an official dramatic portrayal like these actors give it.

I guess you’ve made it big when a reading of your song qualifies as news, but the reading is quite hilarious.  The best part comes from Bryan Cranston in true Walter White fashion. If it’s Heisenberg, you don’t want that hotline to bling. Trust me.

Some of the stars that participated in the collaborative reading along with Cranston are Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Wiig, Brie Larson, and Saiorse Ronan.  Cranston’s reading is definitely the scariest, but Wiig is simply hilarious.

If you ever wanted Hotline Bling the bedtime story, here it is.

I say they do it all again, and have Tamar Braxton read the whole thing. Then life will be complete.

Check out the reading below:


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