Check Out Photos From Kanye’s Yeezy Fashion And T.L.O.P Launch



Kanye West launched season 3 of his Yeezy fashion collection and his new album, T.L.O.P with a large number of A-list stars in attendance.

This time around, the clothes came close (keyword -Came Close) to something humans can put on. Although it will take someone with an outlandish fashion sense to rock Yeezy’s fashion attire. Which was modeled by top stars like Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb and Alek Wekk.Yeezy9

Jay Z, Jaden Smith, Anna Wintour, Tyga, 50 Cent, Lamar, and the entire Kardashian clan were in the crowd to support the man whose ego is definitely bigger than Mt. Everest.

Check out photos from the event below and hit the slide for more:


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