Chris Brown Gushes About Baby, Royalty

The "cute" Royalty album cover Wura

The “cute” Royalty album cover

Chris Brown gushes about his baby, Royalty, in a chat with Ryan Seacrest to promote his new album, Royalty.


Honestly I think having Royalty has made Chris Brown a better man because even though he still acts “off” over Karueche Trann (he has toned that down a bit though). He is now more mature, calm and collected.


Chris Brown while on the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“, Show talked about his unconditional love for his daughter, Royalty, and how being a dad has made him see things differently and changed his perspective on everything.


Chris Brown revealed that he has learned to be patient, humble, confident about his personality and this has made him a happier man.


It’s very humbling, and it’s very calming, Being able to be a father and seeing my daughter from those gradual stages from crawling, to walking, to saying words, to learning different things every day is kind of teaching me patience, and it’s been great.”


This couldn’t be further than the truth because Chris has been relatively “clean” ever since he got wind of the fact that he has a child. He even announced recently that he was going to give out $1 to charity from every copy of his “Royalty” album sold when it is released in December 18.

Chris Brown Melts Hearts With Royalty Album Cover

Chris Brown further revealed on the show that he is ready to man up and own up to everything he has done.


I’m not insecure and ashamed of who I am and what I’ve been through in my life,” Brown said. “I just chose now to let people learn from my situation and try to understand that I’m human and everybody is human as well.”


Chris Brown, who currently spends two weeks with his daughter every month due to the current arrangement he has with his baby mama. Also talked about the “expensive” things he spoils her with.


She has these suits I get her, these dope little animal suits. I dress her like a tomboy.”

All Chris needs now is to keep building himself as a man and at the right time, the right woman for him will come into the picture.

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