Chris Rocks’ Feminist Statement Was Well Hidden

Brie Larson

I did not watch the Oscars, but I did watch Chris Rock’s monologue this morning. It was hard to miss the racism. He mention lynching and swinging from a tree which was bold to say the least. But, he also highlighted a feminist issue that I have had for years. The fact their are male and female acting categories.

There is no difference in ability. Like Rock said… “This isn’t track and field.” Because it’s not, there is no physical or mental advantage men have over women (or vice versa) when it comes to acting. The only difference is opportunity, and longevity. Male and female acting categories have been around since the beginning, since it was obvious back then that women couldn’t have the same roles that men could.

But now, a woman can be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an activist, or whatever in real life and portray one in a movie. Every single role in the Big Short could have been played by a woman, instead of 4 white dudes (which is why I didn’t watch that movie). Women are amazing actors, and honestly if the category had been one I think Brie Larson would have Leo sidelined and had him waiting for another year.

The answer to one minority problem is simply to create another category. I don’t know if other women actresses are mad about it, or they just accept it. I do know that the same thing can’t be done for the race issue. Media needs a change in a lot of ways and as a black woman, I’m often torn about which injustice to focus on. But, the rest of the world is on the black thing, so I hold my hat up for the woman thing.

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