Christina Milian Talks Dirty Stuff

Christina Milian Wura

Christina Milian is one open lady as didn’t hold back when it came to talking about her sexual preference and the state of her relationship with Lil Wayne in an interview with Power 106 FM.

Christina Milian, who just recently split from boyfriend Lil Wayne (always thought they looked odd together). Opened up that her favourite sex position with the rapper was the “d****y position. She said:

I”‘ll keep it one hundred. Face down, ass up!”

Although She had to reveal “this” to avoid paying $100 but it’s still pretty daring. Well, gone are the days when things like this are kept in the closet. The norm is now turning into awkward and the awkward is now the norm.

Christina also talked about the current status of her relationship with Lil Wayne and didn’t confirm if their split was a done deal. She termed it complicated.

“It’s a real tough balance doing these interviews because I don’t want to be fake, but the fact is Wayne and I have to figure out where our relationship is”‎

Earlier this year, she got a tattoo of Lil Wayne on her arm which she claimed was her first ever tattoo with someone’s name on her body. The tattoo ”Love hard T n T” she said stood for their nickname Tina n Tunechi.

This is one thing (getting tattoos of a partner’s name) I always advise people not to do because even if you are think you are home and dry in your relationship, something will just come bite you on your behind and that tattoo will make you feel more awkward. Even though taking it off is now possible.

But has anyone noticed that not much as been heard of Christina Milian when it comes her music career since she started dating Lil Wayne or is it just me?

I guess her priorities have been shifted to something else and having a reality show doesn’t help either.

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