Cleveland Mayor Apologizes For Insensitive Tamir Rice Ambulance Claim

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The city of Cleveland have apologized for the heartless and absurd $500 ambulance services charge levied against the family of Tamir Rice and are withdrawing their demand.

According to Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson, the charge was only given to the estate’s executor out of legal obligations “because he asked for it,” And he went on to add, theydidn’t intend to send a bill to Tamir Rice’s family.

Tamir rice

“Again, apologizing to the Rice family if in fact this has added to any grief or pain that they may have,” Jackson told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

“Should it have happened? No,” he said, “because red flags should have been risen. But that didn’t happen. Did anybody do anything wrong in this? No, because it’s the normal process.”

It’s funny how the Mayor was quick to state that this was done in order to follow the due process. But if due process was followed, Tamir Rice will still be alive. Before his life was cut short by a trigger happy racist cop.

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