Cosby Goes To Court

Bill Cosby Court Case

The day has finally come. Bill Cosby is in court today for his sexual assault charges, and already things are getting interesting. Key witnesses are really going to come into play for Cosby.

“some legal analysts say that if Cosby can demonstrate that he relied on Castor’s promise to his detriment — by agreeing to testify in the deposition — then he might be able to persuade the judge to throw out the deposition — or even dismiss the charges altogether.”

-USA Today

Castor is the prior District Attorney who elected to not bring charges against Dr. Huxtable in 2005. The charges Cosby faces now were the result of D.A. Kevin Steele who filed right before the statue of limitations was up. Because Castor elected not to file, the judge could based on Castor’s statement and/or account of the evidence have the case dismissed for not having substance.

I for one think that the American legal system isn’t always about justice, but protecting freedoms. That’s great when your innocent, but when people are guilty I think sometimes people can get away with stuff.

So, now even the question on people’s mind is did he do it? For the judge, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution.

Also, I think he did it. He’s a rapist.

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