David Spade Obama Shade


It’s major David Spade Obama Shade. (pun intended) The comedian is saying that POTUS and co. appear in too many TV Shows.

He tweeted (which has now been erased…smh),”Why is Obama on Bear Grills trying to survive in the tundra? Isnt the idea to keep the prez alive? And why is he on a reality show?Wtf ?”

Actually that sounds like a great episode, I love Bear Gryllis. On another note, Bear is nothing like the late Crocodile hunter.  Bear is not ever in any real danger; the majority of his show is staged. So, the President is not in any danger on set with Bear.

Michelle Obama also got tossed some too by Spade. He said, “Michelle Obama’s on ‘Ellen’ more than I am.”

Well that’s because she is amazing, the First Lady, and actually doing things. David Spade when have you ever been important? I’m sure you did something at some point to get famous, but you aren’t on Ellen because you are irrelevant.

Michelle Obama recently dropped a rap song for education. Barack Obama announced that he is a Kendrick Lamar fan. Our Commander-in-Chief and First Lady are real people who run the country, and fill out March Madness brackets.

I personally think David Spade is looking for a reason to talk about the Obama family. Any publicity is good publicity, and I don’t know if I would recognize David Spade in Target right now. So, he needs all he can get. But seriously, just take the “I-need-attention” drama somewhere else and don’t involve the President.

Some things should just be off limits.

The David Spade Obama shade was capped off when he told TMZ, “A president should have a little more dignity.”

REALLY!!! Appearing on a nature show is undignified?? First of all, I think POTUS appearance might have been a political move like the importance of the environment, and maybe trying to calm Americans when everyone is stressed out over terrorism.

I could see if Michelle Obama appeared on an episode of Real Housewives  or something. (That would be messed up). Or if POTUS guest-starred on Family Guy. (which actually might be hilarious).

You can see Obama next in Comedians in Cars.

Get a grip David Spade, also this story was report on FOX News, so that says everything…

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