Davido Advocates For The “Censoring” Of Social Media In Nigeria


Forbes most influential African artiste of the year, Davido, wants a proposed bill that intends to criminalize the use of abusive language and other rather ‘soft” claims on social media to be passed into law by the senate in Nigeria. Because he was a victim of a false claim that went viral on social media.

The pop star, in reaction to a viral news on the internet which seem to suggest that he was responsible for a Tanzanian model’s pregnancy, posted series of tweets on twitter  where he bashed news platforms and blogs for spreading most falsehood about him. He also criticized platforms for ignoring the fact that he was named Forbes most influential African artiste of the year.

He started with a snapchat post which reads; F##k that shit nigga! They should pass that f##king social media bill because niggas have been talking shot Just wake up type shit. I don’t understand.” 

He followed up his snapchat rant with a series of tweets:

While I understand the pain celebrities go through because of “false” news on the internet, it’s quite appalling that a celebrity like Davido, who has a huge following, can make a case for a “dumb” bill like that to be passed into law. This is not a good reason, even if this Tanzanian’s model’s pregnancy news went viral.

Honestly, this is one piece of news I wish we didn’t have to deal with regardless of any personal issue that comes up because we are living in the 21st century.  Freedom of speech should be promoted and not curtailed. Yes, we understand that some people spread falsehood on the internet but to criminalize it, is just a step too far. Social media is a big part of the new world and no right thinking government should even consider criminalizing its use. Davido you erred on this one.

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