Davido’s Drama With Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu Unfolds

davido and sophia momodu

Davido and Sophia Momodu when the going was good.


Just when we thought we were going to end 2015 with no more baby mama controversies after the ones we’ve had involving Fetty Wap, Chris Brown and the likes, Nigerian pop star, Davido, stirred up another one with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu over custody of their daughter, Imade.

According to reports from Sophia Momodu’s camp, trouble started some months ago when Davido allegedly lured her (Sophia Momodu), into bring the child to his place. Once there the baby was forcefully taken away from her and since then she has been denied access to her baby.

But all these issues were carefully kept away from the prying eyes of the media and the two parties tried to resolve the issues amicably, after Sophia got her famous publisher uncle, Dele Momodu, involved.

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However, the issue came out in the open, when Davido alongside his dad and sister, tried taking his daughter out of the country for “medical attention.”  They were prevented from doing so by immigration officers at the airport over allegations that they were taking the baby out of the country without the baby mama’s approval.

Davido who was seen stranded at the airport after his plans to travel out with his daughter failed, then took to his social media account to bare it all about his relationship with Sophia Momodu.

I met Sophia when I was barely 21 years old. She was many years older than me and was able to manipulate and exploit my youth, naivety and generosity. Sophia is the mother of my daughter and no more. She never would be my wife and she was never qualified for that status. Her background is very dissimilar from mine and she has very paltry education and equally diminished physical attributes. Cunningly, she moved into my house because she claimed she has no place to stay in Lagos and that her father is late and her mother is resident in Abuja.

I have accepted what providence brought my way including my own personal indiscretions. But I also have been burdened by the grave lapses in the character of Sophia and have thus suffered for my daughter who I love as much as my late mother, Imade.

As for the person of Sophia, I paid a two year rent for her apartment at Lekki and she receives a monthly allowance of 300,000 naira from me ever since Imade was born. This December, Sophia received 500,000 naira as her allowance and Christmas bonus. On a routine hospital check, my daughter was found to be infested with massive dosage of poisonous cannabis that she contracted from the breast feeding regime of her mother’s breast,”

Davido’s compelling story got him a few sympathizers but while I understand his desire to protect his child, I think his manner of carrying this out is a little bit flawed. He is a public figure and this makes him an easy target, even if his intentions are good.

However words from Sophia’s camp seem to suggest that Davido tried to “oppress” his baby mama because of the influence his family wields in Nigeria. According to Dele Momodu, they tried frantically and unsuccessfully to get her (Sophia) closer to her baby. But all efforts were refuted by Davido’s family till they had no choice but to revert to the legal system to stop the family from taking them for a ride.

This case will probably change the legal system in Nigeria if it is not settled out of court because around this part, custody is basically given to the strongest one of the couple and issues like child support are not taken very serious.

Hopefully this battle of wit won’t continue for long so the best decision for the child will be made as soon as possible.

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