Dencia Skin Toning Cream Makes 20 Million Every Year?

Dencia skin toning cream

Controversial singer and socialite Dencia, whose skin toning cream caused quite a few controversies when it was launched, claims that she made 20 million dollars from the product sales ever year.

In an interview with French publication Le Monde, the socialite claimed that the business makes up to 20 million dollars per annum. This all in spite of the fact that it has been faced with criticism ever since it was launched. In her words:

“I am accused of proposing a product that pushes women to conform to white standards of beauty, Americans feel attacked. Honestly, they are just memories of slavery, as a real business we highlight a turnover of $ 20 million per year.”

But while I don’t have all the details, to say she pulled in a whopping 20 million dollars is a little bit shocking because the said product is not as mainstream as she makes it out to be.

The Cameroonian born socialite’s skin toning product also drew criticism from Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o, who suggested that products like this make ladies less comfortable in their skin. The criticism is quite spot on depending on how you look at it.

Dencia is currently based in LA and if her claim is anywhere close to the figure she mentioned, then it’s quite obvious that women will go to any length just to shed their beautiful black skin.

Whatever happened to being black and proud?

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