Denrele is at it AGAIN!!


tHE ECCENTRIC Denrele Wuratv

The ECCENTRIC Denrele Wuratv

Outlandish TV host Denrele Edun has outdone himself this time‎. The presenter has always wowed audience with his “crazy” outfits and sky high boots complimented with an eccentric but creative way of handling red carpet events and tv shows which makes him stand out.

Denrele is without a doubt one of the top TV personality in Nigeria  nd there have always been issues related to his sexuality. Although he has often evaded questions related to his sexuality, it is generally “assumed” that he is “straight” and all his acts are for show but from his social media posts lately it seems Denrele is either trying to  “Break the Internet” or is “finally coming out?”


The whole craziness started with these posts on his instagram page

While as mentioned earlier this might just be a classic Denrele Act, quite a number of people have taken to twitter to air their views on the “supposed” new Caitlyn Jenner of Nigeria‎ as homosexuality is still a very touchy topic in the country.
                                                           Social Media Goes Gaga Over Denrele
It remains to be seen if he is either “gon” come out of the closet or just keep up with his “off and on” antics. Below are some of the reactions on twitter in Nigeria

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