Derrick Williams Loses 750,000 Worth Of Jewelry

derrick williams wura

When you roll with nasty girls, you have got to expect some nastiness to come with it even it ends up costing you $750,000.

This is the current predicament of New York Knicks forward Derrick Williiams, who reportedly lost $750,000 worth of jewelry to two ladies he picked up from a night club.

According to the New York post, Derrick Williams met the two ladies at Up & Down club in Manhattan after his team’s the victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. They all headed to Williams’ Tribeca apartment, where they continued the party.

There, after he had allegedly slept it off, the women plundered a Louis Vuitton jewelry case in one of his closets, law enforcement sources revealed. And Derrick Williams only found out about the theft when he checked on the case on Saturday afternoon and called police to report the incident.

This is a pretty big deal regardless of the fact Williams just signed an $8.8million contract with the Knicks this season. And what I don’t understand is, why would you stay off guard with two women you barely know from Adam, when you know you’ve got valuables at home? Like what is wrong with you man?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to justify the crime, but William and his team could have averted this crime if proper caution had been taken. His constant flaunting of his possessions on social media didn’t help his case either.

However, this didn’t stop him, from helping his team secure victory over the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night with nine points.


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