Drake Shares Story Of Inspiring Encounter With His Idol, Denzel Washington


Drake finally gets his moment with Denzel Washington.

Drake is obviously a big fan of Denzel Washington as the rapper took to his instagram to share an old experience of him and the actor when he was not known and now that he is finally famous.

Drake attended the Lakers vs Thunder basketball game on Wednesday alongside other A-list celebs like Tyrese and his idol, Denzel Washington. Drake shared a photo of him and Tyrese (the photo above) trying to help the veteran actor with his phone.

While the photo is really nice, the major story is the touching caption he posted alongside the photo. Which shows how far he has come and the height your talent can take you if you are persistent.
The rapper wrote;

“I Went to see Denzel Washington in Julius Ceasar years ago in NYC with my best friend Mazin. After the play was done Denzel was standing outside and my boy asked him for a pic and of course he said yes. I was too nervous to ask him for another one so I walked away. I regretted that decision for years. I use to have to look at my boy’s pic and I was convinced I missed the chance to freeze a moment with one of the biggest inspiration in my life. Now it’s the end of 2015 and here is a picture of me and Tyrese trying to help Denzel with his phone. Life is wonderful thing when you are living right. Grateful for this moment.

Now if this doesn’t inspire and make you work harder in 2016, nothing will.

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