Drizzy Drake Opens Restaurant

Drake opens Restaurant Fring's Toronto

0 to 100 equals restaurant? Young Money member, Drake opens restaurant in Toronto.  Fring’s  is Drake’s latest project. The restaurant is located in Canada, so I can’t speak to the quality of the food.

Drizzy has paired with celebrity chef, Susur Lee. I don’t know if Drake can make cereal (maybe if it rhymed), but Lee is amazing.

Lee was a finalist in Top Chef: Masters, has been ranked on numerous best restaurants list, and is known for his signature Singapore Slaw. If you are known for a particular dish worldwide, I would say you have made it. Lee is also a current judge on Masterchef Asia.

The restaurant officially opened this past Monday and had some star-studded first customers. The list included Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Serena Williams. Maybe if Drake was more focused on the restaurant, he could have let Serena do her thing (I fully support the #blameDrake movement).

Let’s just hope, Drake’s latest non-music venture goes better for him than he does for other artists. Say, Kayne’s clothing line


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