Drizzy Drake Shows Off Legendary Dance Moves In New Viral Video


He waited till summer was over, but Dreezy Drake has done it again – make waves with a hot new video and spike the sales of thousand-dollar jackets simultaneously. Why you ask?

The Canadian rapper unveiled his summer hit single Hotline Bling music video on Monday evening and he delivered an unexpectedly cool side of him when he danced like he didn’t care all through the video.


None of the calm head-bob back and forth, or the slight shoulder-weave you do when you are trying to appear reserved. Nope. Straight-whole-body-movements-with-feet-actually-leaving-the-floor-dancing!

The video, which was uploaded to Apple Music , opened with a call center scene with beautiful (and very hot) women in the same pink-shirt, blue-jean uniform.

Then it happened. A different scene that reveals Dreezy strutting his own dance moves in yellow lights, green lights, purple lights, and all kind of lights.

And social media of course went crazy creative in their reaction.

Drake must have envisioned a legendary project when he reunited with “HYFR” and “Started From the Bottom” director Director X for his Hot Bling video (which went viral after debuting on Apple Music by the way)

Even Director X calls the response “nuts,”

I thought people were going to like it, be like, “Oh, cool set, it’s fun. He’s having a good time.” I had no idea it would be such a thing. I’ve done some videos that have gotten good responses, but I’ve never seen s— like this…It’s just a fascinating culture, so even capturing the culture for a day is quite a thing.”

X, who reveals that he actually didn’t give Drake any direction as to what to do, also attest that the 28-year-old Platinum artist is indeed a good dancer! (who knew?)

He’s a good dancer, man…We’re all used to music video dancers being people you need to pay professionally, but that’s legitimate, out-on-the-dancefloor, having-fun dancing right there.”

Men have stopped dancing. I go to night clubs and I see girls dancing and men not dancing. It’s a horrible thing. (Preach brother)

Everyone’s trying to be too cool, everyone’s trying to be too hard, and they started to associate it with being soft, which is completely the opposite of what it is. It’s just one of those things that people are afraid to do in public…

Men. Real men. Real men dance. Real men dance and have a good time and aren’t afraid to.

Dreezy must be all that and much more because he looked like he was having a blast and didn’t care who was watching!


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