Emeka Ike Hits Back At Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze and Emeka Ike Wura

Segun Arinze and Emeka Ike Wura

Raise your hands if you are sick and tired of reading stories about Emeka Ike’s travails! ( I’m sure everyone’s hands will be up), I know we all do, but the actor is back in the news with his really long and scathing statement directed at actor, Segun Arinze.

Emeka Ike in his reaction to the statement by Segun Arinze, where the ex AGN president attacked the actor, suggesting that he “grow up” and stop parading himself as the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, said.

“I heard Segun Arinze was interviewed and he said so many things about me and nobody asked me for my own side. I don’t think it was a balanced report. Segun Arinze did not say anything meaningful, he was just cursing himself. That is not how to handle legal matters. In legal matters, we take things from the law’s point of view. Segun that is talking to the journalist is supposed to be behind bars because he committed a crime that should have sent him to jail.”

Emeka Ike, who has allegedly reconciled with his estranged wife, took his argument to the legal angle as he stated that the tenure of Ibinabo was illegal.

I have been saying this since. That is why Ibinabo’s tenure was called contentious,”

Okey Bakassi puts Emeka Ike on blast

He further argued that it will be useless to relate with Segun Arinze, who he said was bereft of the terms legal of a court order.

 “I cannot be trading words with a common street boy because if you did not go to school, you cannot understand some legal issues. So, he cannot assess the judgment of the court of law. Why should we the educated people allow market people to talk? I am a very cerebral person and I don’t deal with men who cannot read and do not understand the legalities of the paper they have in their hand.”‎

Emeka Ike is definitely taking the whole issue concerning the leadership AGN way too far, because if you fight with almost all the top players in the movie industry, then who are you going to lead?

While it’s understandable that he wants the legal terms to be adhered to, he is totally going about this the wrong way, as its beginning to seem like the AGN leadership role is his only ticket back to the top. If these actors direct the strength they use in coming up with insults for each other to acting (which is supposed to be their job in the first place), Nollywood will be better off than it is now.


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