Eva Longoria Gets A Big Butt For Lip Sync Battle

Eva Longoria Nicki Minaj Lip Sync Battle

My Anaconda don’t want none!

Eva Longoria lip synced Nicki Minaj’s hit  “Anaconda” on this week’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, but the singing was the only thing that was faked.

Longoria wore a fake butt in order to appear more like Minaj while she “sang” and danced to the music.

Ellen Degeneres did a similar thing in a sketch last year, and Ellen was criticized heavily, called racist, insensitive, and more. Now, Eva Longoria is doing the same thing and most people are saying it’s hilarious.

Is the difference in response because Lip Sync Battle is a ridiculous show altogether and it’s all about making people laugh, while you could argue Ellen is a more serious program? I think the only reason is because Eva Longoria is not white, and it’s messed up to me that people would have a double standard.

Either laugh at everything or be mad at everything. I personally didn’t like the bit, “Anaconda” is one of my least favorite Nicki songs, and Eva Longoria is not funny (I’ve seen others on the show do WAAYYY better). I’m tired of seeing black women’s sexuality downplayed and even made a joke in the media. Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, and more… It often seems that Beyonce is the only black person that the media can call unequivocally beautiful and that shouldn’t be the case.


Watch Longoria’s performance below:

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