Fake Christian Songs

calvin bill

A recent trend in most Ghanaian songs to take the name of God and/or call God in a different language such as Nyame, Baba, Mawu etc and drop a danceable beat to it, is being called out on its puffery.

Ghanaian gospel rapper and singer Calvin Bill, says that songs like Sarkodie’s ‘Adonai’, Bisa Kdei s ‘Baba’, Guru’s unorthodox ‘Amen’, ‘Mpaebo’, and ‘Bonsam Ani’, cannot be labelled gospel songs because they do not praise the Christian God in any way.

Bill says,

Gospel song is a ministration about Jesus Christ and not just simply calling Gods name in songs…these secular artists end up misleading and deceiving the youth in believing they are Godly people when they’re just wolves in sheep skin.

Perhaps the next time we hear a random language that refers to God in a song, we should listen closer to see if the whole song  truly ministers about God.


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